Virginia Physicians, Inc., (VPI) one of the largest multi-specialty medical practices in the Richmond metropolitan area, has been serving the community since 1923. VPI continues to be a leader in finding new and innovative ways to practice medicine in this ever-changing medical environment.

Virginia Physicians, Inc., formerly The McGuire Clinic, was founded by Dr. Stuart McGuire and opened on December 1, 1923 at 1000 West Grace Street in a renovated portion of St. Luke’s Hospital. Prior to that time, most physicians were generalists and the concept of the specialist was very new. The McGuire Clinic was comprised of Dr. McGuire and 14 other specialists representing seven departments. It was the first medical clinic in Virginia and was modeled after the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota where the history of the hospital and the clinic were intertwined. In 1972, Humana bought the hospital and its clinic property with the agreement that the clinic and hospital would be relocated. On April 7, 1975 The McGuire Clinic and its 26 physicians moved to 7702 Parham Road where many group members continue to practice today. The hospital opened in September of the same year.

In the following three decades The McGuire Clinic continued to grow. In 1978, a family practice satellite was opened on Patterson Avenue and in 1979 another practice opened at the Goochland Court House. In 1980 a dialysis center was opened in Chesterfield County and in 1983 and 1986 two more family practice satellites were added on Meadow Dale Boulevard and in Mechanicsville, respectively.

As the face of medicine changed so did the makeup of the group of clinicians. With the addition of Midlothian Family Practice, the group grew to include more than 110 physicians giving VPI a new sense of identity and innovation. Midlothian Family Practice’s rich heritage dates back to the 1800’s.

In 1996 the group changed its name to Virginia Physicians, Inc. Later that same year Ashland Medical Center joined Virginia Physicians. The practice has served Ashland and surrounding counties since 1961.

In early 2005 Midlothian Medical Care, currently comprised of three primary care providers, joined Virginia Physicians. In providing quality medical care in the Midlothian area for over twenty years, this practice has ambitions to add other providers in order to move forward and broaden its services in support of its mission.

The newest division of VPI, Innsbrook Primary Care, opened in March 2008. This growing and innovative practice is located in Glen Allen. Also, in March 2008 the Imaging Center moved to Innsbrook and continues to provide state-of-the-art radiology services.

Today Virginia Physicians, Inc. is comprised of approximately 57 medical providers. With practices in the counties of Chesterfield, Hanover, Henrico and Powhatan, VPI provides quality and compassionate healthcare to over 75,000 patients in the Richmond metropolitan area. The group will continue to grow primary care, imaging, and laboratory services as well as our specialty areas of Gastroenterology and Rheumatology.

The mission of Virginia Physicians, Inc. is to deliver compassionate, high-quality medical services to the Central Virginia area through the cooperative efforts of our physicians and staff. As the founders of The McGuire Clinic successfully guided the practice for decades, this mission will continue to secure the group’s place in the Richmond medical community for the years to come.